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   Let’s reframe the work you do.

Our Company

Proteus is a software development company that believes software should be intuitive, reliable, and scalable. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and tailor our solutions accordingly.

Our services range from custom software development to web and mobile app development, cloud computing, and developer team onboarding for startups looking to build out their roster.

We believe in providing not just technical expertise, but also business acumen to our clients. Our team includes seasoned business professionals who can help you identify the right technology solutions to drive your business forward.


Why Choose Us?

Let’s see how we can help!
Software Development Project Management Business Development
  • Invoice clients based on monthly resource allowance
  • Invoice project as a whole and assign resources where we deem necessary
  • Provide clients with management and guidance to assist with their product
  • Provide expertise on clients business development including market research, decision making and internal resource allocation.
Agile Development Transparency Quality Assurance Developer Feedback
We want results delivered to you as fast as possible. That’s why we favour an agile approach to developing your project. We provide visible communication channels and project management software to allow you to stay informed. We have our own QA team to check, test and release features alongside our sprints to insure what hits the public is good to go. Our developers have been doing this for a while. They provide insights and comments up the communication channel so the product owner gets as much feedback as necessary

Our Tech Stack


#Web App


#Web App

React & React Native

#Web App

Swift (iOS)








Product Strategy

#Project Management


Product Strategy

#Project Management

UX & UI Design

#Project Management

The values that build

01 Forward Thinking

02 Communication

03 Iterative Process

Our internal and client projects are built to last.  Using new methods, new technologies, and new ideas – We grow together.

You get to know the team.  You will have open communication with not just our Project Managers, but everyone assigned to your project.

Success varies over time.  By embracing planning, analyzing, implementing, and evaluating with every milestone, we ensure we improve with every commit.